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Ultra Luxury Travel

Looking for an ultra luxury travel experience? 


Do you want to explore the world but do it in style? Perhaps you have a certain taste for luxury and want to have an unforgettable holiday? Maybe you know what you like but want someone to do the hard work of planning your next getaway? 


At Ativar Global we know luxury like no one else


Our painstaking attention to detail ensures that you enjoy every experience. Ativar Global is a private lifestyle travel firm dedicated to aiding clients in organising bespoke travel arrangements and making their dreams a reality. 


We specialise in creating unique itineraries for those looking to explore the world while receiving the best quality of care. What defines us is our passion, wide global experience, true understanding of the luxury travel business, and excellent contacts with top industry partners.


Whether you’re dreaming of a private island, urban and countryside getaway, private chalet this winter, an action-packed holiday, air charter, yacht charter or want to know more about our private security, we are on hand to help. 


To speak to our team about your demands, get in touch via the contact form.

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