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North America - Wild & Refined

Welcome to a continent of remarkable cultural diversity and deep historical layers. Where one can enjoy some of the world's most breath-taking settings, combining natural and urban wonders, with exclusive experiences and superb accommodation.

From the several National Parks and UNESCO sites, energetic cities, prime islands and road trip perfect; to epic lake, desert, jungle and river adventures. The cosmopolitan allure of New York City, the natural splendour of Canada's Banff National Park and the exclusive resorts and private villas along Mexico's Riviera Maya. Fine dining in Napa Valley or Mexico City, indulge in spa retreats in Arizona's desert oases or exclusive resorts in Baja California. Private helicopter explorations in the wilderness of Alaska or over the ancient Mayan ruins, and yacht charters to explore the Caribbean in privacy. From ancient heritages to modern art scenes and contemporary architectural wonders, North America ensures a wealth of enriching experiences.


Iconic Landscapes & Cultural Diversity

United States

The iconic landmarks of New York City, Yellowstone National Park, the cultural vibrancy of New Orleans, the music in Nashville, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island in San Francisco. Chicago’s art scene, Los Angeles’ unique atmosphere, Las Vega’s casinos, entertainment, and hectic nightlife and the majestic Grand Canyon. Miami beaches and Latino culture, Washington’s monuments and museums, and the Southern soul food.

When? All year round


Natural Wonders & Urban Sophistication


The grandeur of Niagara Falls, the culture and iconic skyline of Toronto, the wilderness of Banff National Park, and the historic charm of Quebec City. The serenity in British Columbia, the art and food in Montreal, the Parliament Hill and museums in Ottawa, Peggy's Cove and maritime culture in Halifax. The Royal BC Museum, Butchart Gardens, and the city's British colonial heritage on Vancouver Island. Outdoor adventures and a deep respect for nature.

When? All year round


Ancient Ruins & Vivacious Traditions


The ancient Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá, the colonial architecture of Oaxaca and their Day of the Dead colorful celebrations, the cobblestone streets and art scene in San Miguel de Allende and the intriguing Mexico City’s delights - like the Zocalo and Templo Mayor, Frida Kahlo Museum and the best restaurants. The young atmosphere of Cancún and its beautiful beaches and the Mayan ruins of Tulum. The charming colonial architecture, local markets, and the Mayan pyramids of Uxmal of Mérida. Puerto Vallarta’s relaxing vibe and colonial architecture in the Old Town.

When? All year round


The Caribbean - Enchanting Islands

Welcome to a world of unparalleled luxury and tranquility as you embark on an exclusive journey through the Caribbean's paradisiac islands. Pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, eclectic island cultures, culinary delights, water adventures and marine life, luxurious resorts and private villas, outdoor activities and adventures, rich history and architecture, laid-back lifestyle and stunning sunsets and tropical settings.

Offering a paradise of opulence and natural appeal. From St. Barts' upscale beach clubs, the private villas and coral reefs of the Turks and Caicos and the celebrity hotspots of Mustique; to the French allure of St. Lucia, the powdery beaches of Anguilla and the intimate private islands in the Bahamas. The Caribbean caters to those seeking the ultimate in privacy, relaxation, and indulgence.

Dry Season: Mid-December to April      

Shoulder season: May to July

Hurricane Season: June to November

Image by Georgy Trofimov

Paradise Found in the Caribbean


Nassau's historic architecture, Exuma's swimming pigs and the straw markets. The serene beauty of the Out Islands and the underwater wonders of Andros. Bahamian cuisine, from conch salad to rum cake, snorkeling and diving and a laid-back atmosphere. Embrace the Bahamian culture's vibrant rhythms.

When? Mid-December to April

Turks and Caicos.jpg

Exclusive Seclusion

Turks & Caicos

Grace Bay's breathtaking shoreline, Providenciales' diverse coral reefs for snorkeling and diving, the unique rock formations of the Baths on Virgin Gorda and the vistas of Middle Caicos. Seafood delicacies, kiteboarding and relaxing on uncrowded beaches.

When? Mid-December to April


Timeless Elegance & Cultural Revelations


Havana's captivating colonial architecture, the UNESCO-listed Old Town, and the Malecón seawall where locals gather to socialize. Beyond the capital, the Viñales Valley, with its tobacco farms, and the colonial gems of Trinidad and Cienfuegos. Cuba's rich history, from the Spanish colonial era to the Cuban Revolution, offers an intriguing experience.

When? Mid-December to April


Tropical Rhythms


The beats of reggae music in Kingston, the beaches of Negril and Montego Bay, the iconic Blue Mountains, the historic charm of Falmouth and Dunn's River Falls. From lush rainforests to thrilling adventures like river rafting and climbing waterfalls. Jerk chicken, fresh seafood and the rhythms of reggae.

When? Mid-December to April


Tranquil Beach Bliss

Antigua and Barbuda

Nelson's Dockyard, a historic naval dockyard in English Harbour - a UNESCO World Heritage site, the pink sands of Barbuda, the Jolly Harbour and the annual Antigua Sailing Week and Carnival celebrations that showcase the lively culture. With over 365 beaches Antigua is a paradise for beach lovers and adventurers.

When? Mid-December to April

St Lucia.jpg

Majestic Delights

St Lucia

The iconic Pitons - volcanic twin peaks rising from the sea, the Soufrière markets, and mineral baths of the Sulphur Springs. Rainforests and a wealth of outdoor activities, from hiking to snorkeling. The Creole culture comes alive in street festivals, together with the traditional dishes like green figs and saltfish.

When? Mid-December to April


Island Gem of Sophistication


The historic architecture of Bridgetown - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the underground caves of Harrison's Cave, and Oistins Fish Fry for fresh seafood and local culture. Crane Beach and Bottom Bay, along with botanical gardens, create the perfect backdrop for relaxation. Barbadian culture festivals and British colonial heritage.

When? Mid-December to April

Brit Virg Islands

Sailing Havens

British Virgin Island

The famous sailing paradise of Tortola, the secluded Anegada's sandy shores, and the unique rock formations at the Baths on Virgin Gorda. The local culture is welcoming and has a strong emphasis on preserving natural splendors. With numerous hidden coves and islands to explore, the BVI is a sailing and beach lover's haven.

When? Mid-December to April


Spice Island Elegance


St. George's, the picturesque capital with a historic harbor, the fragrant spice plantations of nutmeg and cloves, and Grand Anse Beach. Colorful Carnival, waterfalls and an underwater sculpture park. Grenada offers an immersive experience in nature, culture, and relaxation in a tranquil island setting.

When? Mid-December to April


Secluded Luxury

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The volcanic terrains of Saint Vincent, the exclusive resorts and celebrity hotspots of Mustique, and the coral reefs of the Tobago Cays for snorkeling and sailing. Traditional regattas and cultural festivals. With chill beaches, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a paradise for sailing and water sports enthusiasts.

When? Mid-December to April


Chic Glamour

St. Barth's

Saint Barthelemy offers an exclusive Caribbean experience. The stunning beaches like St. Jean and Gouverneur, high-end boutique shopping in Gustavia and the sophistication on the beaches. The island is known for its luxury resorts, upscale dining and chic ambiance. Distinct French influence, beautiful scenery and a jet-set vibe perfect for those seeking a refined and glamorous Caribbean retreat.

When? Mid-December to April


Serene Beaches & Exquisite Hideaways


The powdery sands of Shoal Bay - the world's best beach, and the annual Summer Festival and the exclusive resorts. The island's warmth, both in its weather and hospitality, creates a laid-back atmosphere perfect for unwinding, and offering opportunities for exploration and adventure.

When? Mid-December to April


Historic & Modern Attractions

Dominican Republic

The historic streets of Santo Domingo's Zona Colonial, the lively Punta Cana resorts and the Samaná Peninsula. Visitors can savor local delights like mangu and enjoy merengue dances or adventure sports. A blend of traditional and modern influences makes Dominican Republic a destination for every traveler, from relaxation to exploration.

When? Mid-December to April


Diverse & Enriching Experience

Puerto Rico

The colonial architecture of Old San Juan and the historic forts, the bioluminescent bays in Vieques, the San Sebastián Street Festival and the unique fusion of Spaniard colonists, African slaves and Taíno natives. Welcoming locals and bubbly culture.

When? Mid-December to April

Are you ready for a tapestry of experiences, each meticulously crafted to cater to your desires?

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