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Central America - Unveil Hidden Paradises

Welcome to a treasure trove of dense tropical rainforests and exotic beaches with unique fauna & flora diversity. This captivating region offers a plethora of experiences that cater to the adventurous explorer, volcanoes, rivers, caves and rainforests. Ancient civilizations and archaeological wonders, rich cultural heritage, with huge focus on ecotourism and biodiversity.

From the private beachfront villas in Costa Rica, the archaeological sites in Guatemala and yacht charters in Belize's crystal-clear waters, to the colonial towns of Nicaragua, the Mayan ruins of Honduras and Panama Canal's engineering marvel. Little gems spread all over the region, uber special eco-friendly lodges and rustic chic resorts. Central America offers enchanting settings for adventure and relaxation.


Nature's Playground of Elegance

Costa Rica

An adventure through rainforests and biodiversity. Arenal Volcano National Park and its hot springs, the Monteverde Cloud Forest and the beaches of Manuel Antonio. Local coffee, farm-to-table cuisine, adventure, waterfalls, luxury eco-tourism and a natural playground.

When? December to April (Pacific Coast) and March to September (Caribbean Coast)


City Glamour & Tropical Serenity


A blend of culture and nature. Panama City's modern skyline, the historic Casco Viejo district, cruising the Panama Canal, the blissful seclusion of Bocas del Toro's private islands and the remote San Blas Islands.

When? December to April


Underwater Mysteries & Cultural Charms


Ecosystems and rich culture. The ancient Mayan ruins of Caracol, the coral reefs of Ambergris Caye and diving into the famous Blue Hole. Superb luxury eco-friendly lodges, jungles and beaches, fantastic islands, adventure, caves, natural wonders and Caribbean vibes.

When? January to May


Colonial Grandeur & Timeless Beauty


Mayan heritage and striking vistas. The ancient city of Tikal and its ancient pyramids, the colorful market of Chichicastenango, colonial Antigua and the serene Lake Atitlán. Indigenous traditions with breathtaking volcanic scenery.

When? November to April


Colonial Splendor & Pristine Shores


Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Highlights include Granada's colonial charm, the volcanic island of Ometepe and the Cerro Negro volcano for volcano boarding. Cultural festivals and the warmth of Nicaraguan hospitality.

When? November to May


Coastal Gems & Coral Reefs


A mix of historical sites and natural wonders. The ancient Mayan ruins of Copán, the Caribbean coast's white-sand beaches in Roatán, the coral reefs of the Bay Islands and Pico Bonito National Park. Garifuna culture, baleada and the indigenous Lenca culture.

When? December to April


Surf Havens & Cultural Revelations

El Salvador

Cultural immersion. The charming colonial town of Suchitoto, the beaches of El Tunco and the historic Mayan ruins of Joya de Cerén archaeological site. Savor pupusas and experience vibrant murals.

When? December to March

Are you ready for a tapestry of experiences, each meticulously crafted to cater to your desires?

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