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Australasia - Gentle & Rugged

Welcome to an unforgettable adventure, a captivating continent that promises an exquisite mix of splendid coasts, outdoor & outback adventures, and luxurious experiences. Indigenous, colonial, and modern; culinary and art diversity, surrounded by the most exciting environments.

From the exclusive lodges in New Zealand's remote wilderness, top unique resorts, the private jet charters to Australia's iconic landmarks, the Great Barrier Reef, exclusive wine and gourmet experiences in Australia's Barossa Valley to the private island resorts of Fiji and the private yacht cruises in the Whitsunday Islands. Savour gourmet farm-to-table dining, scenic helicopter flights over the dramatic fjords of Milford Sound or unwind on secluded beaches. Australasia's diverse landscapes and rainforests of New Zealand, deliver a world of wonder and extravagance for those seeking adventure.


Natural Wonders & Urban Sophistication


Sydney's iconic Opera House and art & culture scenes, the Great Barrier Reef's marine wonders, Melbourne's culinary scene, the premier wines from Barossa Valley and the natural beauty of the Outback. Chicken parmigiana, unique wildlife, adventure for all and vibrant cities with rugged wilderness and indigenous ancestry.

When? September to November & March to May


Untamed Wilderness & Maori Heritage

New Zealand

The Maori culture in Rotorua, Auckland's urban scene, the North Island's geothermal wonders the South Island's breathtaking Southern Alp and the fjords of Milford Sound. Local wines, outdoor adventures and indigenous traditions with breathtaking scenery and friendly Kiwi hospitality.

When? September to November & March to May


Idyllic Beaches & Tranquil Retreats


Nadi's radiant markets, the Mamanuca Islands and the warm Fijian hospitality. Kokoda, traditional mekes, postcard-perfect beaches, luxurious private resorts and islands, plus scenic settings, rainforests, and beaches with rich South Pacific roots.

When? May to October


Idyllic Paradise & Azure Lagoons

Tahiti and French Polynesia

The captivating Bora Bora, the waters of Moorea, private island resorts and hotels, and the energetic culture of Tahiti. Poisson cru, traditional dances and a world of appeal, rich marine life, and Polynesian charm.

When? May to October


Cultural Wilderness

Papua New Guinea

Sepik River's artistic culture, the Tari Highlands' pulsating festivals and the Kokoda Track's historical trek. Savor mumu feasts, learn tribal traditions and indigenous cultures, amidst rugged jungles and volcanic terrain.

When? May to October


Serene Beaches & Ancient Traditions


The lava fields of Savai'i, the beaches of Upolu and the markets of Apia. Oka, tattoos, traditional dances and tropical rainforests.

When? April to October


Volcanic Landscapes & Melanesian Charms


The active Yasur volcano, the crystal-clear waters of Port Vila and the unique land diving tradition on Pentecost Island. Lap lap, tropical adventure, traditional ceremonies, natural wonders and Melanesian culture.

When? April to October


Untouched Reefs & Historical Significance

Solomon Islands

Dive into the Solomon Islands' marine life and explore World War II historical sites.
The historical Guadalcanal battlefields and World War II historical sites, the beaches of the Western Province and the traditional shell money making.

When? May to October


Paradise with a French Twist

New Caledonia

The cosmopolitan capital of Nouméa, the gorgeous Isle of Pines, and the Loyalty Islands' traditional culture. French cuisine, water sports and Gallic charm with South Pacific allure.

When? April to May & September to November


Polynesian Radiance

Cook Islands

The turquoise lagoon of Aitutaki, the cultural heritage of Rarotonga and the beaches of Atiu. Ika mata, traditional dances, luxury resorts and friendly locals.

When? April to November

Ready for an unforgettable adventure of opulence and natural beauty?

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