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Exclusive Travel Agents

Let our exclusive travel agents arrange your next luxury getaway


Do you want to get away from the stress of everyday life with a special vacation? Maybe you want to have a luxurious holiday but don’t have the time to plan it yourself? When you wish to escape from your worries, you can do so in style with the assistance of our specialised staff.


Our team at Ativar Global is here to make your travel dreams a reality


We are a premier travel business with a track record of excellence in arranging and delivering exceptional journeys for their clients. We provide a wide range of services and have a team of qualified and experienced travel consultants who can assist you in planning and customising your trip.


We have a genuine enthusiasm for providing our clients with comprehensive worldwide experiences, and we take great delight in ensuring that your time with us is unforgettable. We put our clients first by sourcing the world's most coveted, exclusive and luxurious hotels through our unique and broad network of contacts.


We can assist you in planning a private island, an urban and rural escape, a private chalet this winter, an action-packed vacation, air charter, yacht charter or anything else you have in mind.

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